Justicia brandegeana

Shrimp Plant, False Hop, Shrimp Bush, Mexican Shrimp Plant

Family: Acanthaceae Acanthus

Type Perennial
USDA Hardiness range 10B - 11
Exposure Full sun
Bloom color White
Bloom time Year 'round
Water needs Dry to moist
Landscape uses Border, container, foundation, massing, specimen
Height 24" to 39" / 60cm to 100cm
Spread 12" to 36" / 30cm to 90cm
Growth rate Moderate
Persistence Evergreen, needles or needle-like
Leaf color Green
Fruit color n/a
Soil pH requirements Acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline
Soil type Sandy, clay, loamy
Form Upright or erect
Attributes and features Attractive foilage, native to North America, naturalizing