Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus'

Meadow Foxtail Grass, Golden Foxtail Grass, Yellow Foxtail Grass

Family: Poaceae Grass

Type Perennial, grass
USDA Hardiness range 5A - 8B
Exposure Partial shade to full sun
Bloom color Green, purple
Bloom time Mid Spring to Late Summer
Water needs Moist
Landscape uses Erosion control, foundation, ground cover
Height 24" to 4' / 60cm to 1.20m
Spread 12" to 18" / 30cm to 45cm
Growth rate Moderate
Persistence Deciduous, broadleaf
Leaf color Green, variegated, yellow
Fruit color n/a
Soil pH requirements Neutral
Soil type Loamy
Form Spreading or horizontal, upright or erect
Attributes and features Attractive foilage, naturalizing