Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'

False Holly, Olive Holly, hinese Holly, Holly Tea Olive

Family: Oleaceae Olive

Type Shrub
USDA Hardiness range 7A - 9A
Exposure Partial shade to full sun
Bloom color White
Bloom time Fall
Water needs Moist
Landscape uses Container, hedge, screen, specimen
Height 6' to 10' / 1.80m to 3.00m
Spread 10' to 15' / 3.00m to 4.60m
Growth rate Slow
Persistence Evergreen, needles or needle-like
Bloom attributes Fragrant flowers
Leaf color Green, variegated, yellow
Fruit color Blue
Soil pH requirements Acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline
Soil type Sandy, clay, loamy
Form Rounded, upright or erect, vase
Attributes and features Attractive foilage