California Drought Tolerant: Mexi - Myrt (99)

Mexican Bird of Paradise Mexican Blue Palm Mexican Bluebell Katie Pink Mexican Bush Sage (spp.) Mexican Creeper Mexican Cypress: mucronatum Mexican Evening Primrose (spp.) Mexican Evening Primrose Rosea Mexican Feather Grass Mexican Flame Vine (spp.) Mexican Gem Mexican Grass Tree Mexican Hens and Chicks Mexican Lobelia Mexican Mint Marigold Mexican Oleander Mexican Orange Blossom (spp.) Mexican Orange (spp.) Mexican Palo Verde Mexican Petunia Katie Pink Mexican Poinciana Mexican Snowball Mexican Tarragon Mexican Tulip Poppy (spp.) Mexican Washington Palm Microphylla Foxtail Myrtle Milfoil (spp.) Milfoil Apple Blossom Milfoil Fire King Milfoil Great Expectations Milfoil Heidi Milfoil Moonshine Milfoil Paprika Milfoil Snowsport Milfoil Summer Pastels Milfoil: tomentosa (spp.) Mills Monterey Manzanita Mimosa, Golden (spp.) Mimosa, Golden Purpurea Miniature Date Palm Minor Wild Thyme Mint Frost Alumroot: Heuchera Mint Saucer Miss Huff Lantana Missouri Currant Mme. Legrelle Pomegranate Mock Orange (spp.) Mock Orange Creme De Menthe Mock Orange Turners Dwarf Mock Orange Variegated Mojave Yucca Molded Wax Agave Red Edge Mondale Pine Monfar (Sienna Sunrise®) Heavenly Bamboo Montbretia (spp.) Monterey Carpet Monterey Manzanita Monterey Manzanita Buxifolia Monterey Manzanita Mills Monterey Manzanita Monterey Carpet Monterey Manzanita Wayside Montezuma Bald Cypress Moonshine Common Yarrow Moraine Thornless Honey Locust Mormon Tea Morning Light Echeveria Morning Light Maiden Grass Mosquito Bills Mosquito Grass Moss Verbena Imagination Mother-in-Law's Seat Mother-of-Thyme Coccineus Mother-of-Thyme Highland Cream Mother-of-Thyme Pink Chintz Mother-of-Thyme Purple Beauty Mound-Lily Yucca Variegated Mount Lemmon Marigold Mountain Iris Mountain Joint Fir Mountain Marigold Mountain Pine: mugo mugo Mouse-Ear Chickweed (spp.) Mozart Rosemary Mugwort: ludoviciana, Western (spp.) Mugwort: schmidtiana (spp.) Mugwort: schmidtiana Silver Mound Mulga, True Munstead English Lavender Murale White Stonecrop Muskogee Lavender Crapemyrtle Myers Asparagus Fern Myoporum Myoporum, Creeping Myoporum, Slender Myrtle, Foxtail (spp.) Myrtle, Foxtail Compacta Myrtle, Foxtail Compacta Variegata Myrtle, Foxtail Microphylla Myrtle, Foxtail Variegated Myrtle, Western Tea