Herbaceous Plants: Clematis - Clematis (102)

Clematis Clematis 'Asao' Clematis 'Blue Angel (Blekitny Aniol)' Clematis 'Cardinal Wyszynski' Clematis 'Carnaby' Clematis 'Dorota' Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' Clematis 'H. S. Young' Clematis 'Huldine' Clematis 'John Paul II' Clematis 'Miss Bateman' Clematis 'Mme Le Coultre' Clematis 'Montana Rubens' Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson' Clematis 'Multi Blue' Clematis 'Pink Champagne' Clematis 'Pink Fantasy' Clematis 'Purpurea Marginata' Clematis 'Ramona' Clematis 'Romance' Clematis 'Sho-Un' Clematis 'Silver Moon' Clematis 'Snow Queen' Clematis 'Sunset' Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' Clematis 'Twilight' Clematis 'Victoria' Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' Clematis 'Will Goodwin' Clematis (z)(Florida Group)'Belle of Woking' Clematis (z)(Florida Group)'Duchess of Edinburgh' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Comtesse de Bouchard' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Gipsy Queen' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Hagley Hybrid' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Jackmanii' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Madame Edourd Andre' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Mrs. Cholmondeley' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Niobe' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Perle d'Azur' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Prince Phillip' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Serenata' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Star of India' Clematis (z)(Jackmanii Group)'Violet Star Gazer' Clematis (z)(Lanuginosa Group)'General Sikorski' Clematis (z)(Lanuginosa Group)'Henryi' Clematis (z)(Lanuginosa Group)'Nelly Moser' Clematis (z)(Patens Group)'Bee's Jubilee' Clematis (z)(Patens Group)'Doctor Ruppel' Clematis (z)(Patens Group)'Elsa Spath' Clematis (z)(Patens Group)'Gillian Blades' Clematis (z)(Patens Group)'The President' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Betty Corning' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Ernest Markham' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Etiole Violette' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Lady Betty Balfour' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Madame Julia Correvon' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Minuet' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Venosa Violacea' Clematis (z)(Viticella Group)'Ville de Lyon' Clematis addisonii Clematis albicoma Clematis armandii Clematis armandii'Apple Blossom' Clematis cirrhosa Clematis x durandii Clematis x eriostemon Clematis fusca Clematis henryi Clematis heracleifolia Clematis heracleifolia'Alan Bloom' Clematis integrifolia Clematis integrifolia'Hanajina' Clematis integrifolia'Rose Colored Glasses' Clematis integrifolia'Rosea' Clematis x jackmanii Clematis x jackmanii'Purpurea Superba' Clematis lanuginosa'Candida' Clematis lanuginosa'Red Cardinal' Clematis macropetala'Markham's Pink' Clematis montana Clematis montana'Alexander' Clematis montana'Freda' Clematis montana'Sericea' Clematis montana var. rubens Clematis ochroleuca Clematis paniculata Clematis recta Clematis recta'Purpurea' Clematis sieboldii Clematis stans Clematis tangutica Clematis tangutica'Helios' Clematis terniflora Clematis texensis'Duchess of Albany' Clematis tibetana Clematis virginiana Clematis vitalba Clematis viticella'Alba Luxurians' Clematis viticella'Polish Spirit' Clematis viticella'Purpurea Plena Elegans' Clematis viticella'Ramona'